Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Centre for Aviation Training and Consultancy

International Institute of Aviation Safety and Technology
Centre for Aviation Training and Consultancy
To be a worldwide reference institution for aviation safety and technology
To provide quality competitive training and consultancy in global aviation industry
1.  Deliver courses that surpass ICAO recommended standards and practices
2.  Provide consultancy services in line with ICAO training policy and recommended documents.
3.  Align training programs with ICAO associated bodies such as IATA, EASA, CAA, IFATSEA, EUROCONTROL and FAA
1.  IIAST Provides on-line learning, distance learning and face to face modes of course delivery and interaction
2.  Group or individualized modes of delivery are applied as preferred by our clients
3.  IIAST collaborates with Global Aviation Safety and Technology Associations (GASTA), which are institutions majoring in aviation training and technology
4.  A pool of qualified, certified and experienced instructors in areas of engineering, technology, safety, security and airport operations is available
5.  Courses are offered at certificate, diploma and higher diploma levels
6.  Work experience and other ab-initial courses are considered as a pre-requisite for entry to the main courses
7.  Information about application, admission, fees, examinations, certificates and graduation is obtained by contacting our customer relationship manager at
8.  Trainees who successfully complete our courses are offered membership to the IIAST provided they subscribe to the code of ethics and terms of association.
About us
We are one of the world's fastest growing international institutions that focus on hands-on training in aviation safety and technology to meet the ever-expanding demand of professionals in the industry. We offer world class courses at various locations globally. For more information check out our training schedules or email us any time via 
Board of Advisors
1.  Edward Jezenga (Zimbabwe)
2.  Robert Jere Omusonga (Kenya)
3.  Maxwell Odhiambo (Qatar)
4.  Ezekiel Wanje (Kenya)
5.  Israel Moraa (Spain)
6.  Rashid Mulukwadi (Tanzania)
7.  Dr. Christine Zuggaley (South Africa)
8.  Dr. George Ochiel (Kenya)
Check the profiles of our board members at;
IIAST Membership
Professionals who wish to join the institute and partner with us as Advisors, Fellows, Full Members or Associate Members are free to request application forms from under the subject MEMBERSHIP. Those who meet the terms and conditions set out in the application forms will be registered as members and will be invited regularly to participate in the activities of the institute. IIAST membership helps to enhance ones professional and career development without losing touch with the industry. On acceptance of registration, members will be allowed to use our registered trade mark professional acronyms; FIIAST, MIIAST and AMIIAST after the statement of their names.

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